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Fox News USA
House Judiciary report: 'No legitimate basis' for Biden admin to target parents at school board meetings

Documents show the Biden administration had “no legitimate basis” for the use of law enforcement and counterterrorism resources on school board-related threats. [...]

North Carolina House advances ban on COVID-19 vaccine mandates

The North Carolina House advanced a bill that would ban universities from requiring students to prove COVID vaccinations. The bill also prohibits schools from requiring booster shots. [...]

DeSantis touts ability to beat Biden if he runs for president: 'I think he’s failed the country'

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis touted his ability to beat President Biden in a potential 2024 matchup in an interview with Piers Morgan of Fox Nation. [...]

Georgia senators advance bill allowing truck weight changes on highways

Georgia senators approved a new version of a bill that will allow trucks moving agricultural commodities to carry up to 88,000 pounds. The House will have to approve the changes. [...]

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Fox News World
China and Russia pose increasing risks to US in new space race

China is aiming at becoming the world's dominant space power which poses a threat to U.S. security. Beijing is collaborating with Russia to make their space ambitions possible. [...]

Muslim authorities say Ramadan fasting set to begin Thursday

Muslim authorities in Saudi Arabia said Ramadan fasting is set to begin on Thursday. This year's fasting month is starting based on the expected sighting of the crescent moon. [...]

Badgers burrowing under Dutch train tracks leads to delays

Badgers burrowing under Dutch train tracks have led to delays and cancellations on at least two lines. Since badgers are protected animals rail officials must seek permission to move them. [...]

Ecuador officials have suspect in custody for targeting journalists with explosive devices

Ecuador officials are investigating small explosives, one of which exploded, were sent to media journalists. Police officers said Tuesday that they have a suspect. [...]

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Euro news
Dieselgate: Owners of vehicles with illegal defeat devices due compensation, EU top court rules

The ruling by the European Court of Justice is another blow to the German car industry, which has been mired by the Dieselgate scandal for years now. [...]

China must condemn Russia's war if it wants to be 'serious' about peace in Ukraine: Stoltenberg

The NATO Secretary General said China needs to "understand Ukraine's perspective" and engage with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. [...]

Winter is gone. But can we really say Europe's energy crisis is over?

Against all odds, Europe managed to fend off the worst-case scenario of the energy crisis, mainly thanks to savings and weather events. [...]

Syria and Turkey earthquake: €7 billion in aid pledged by EU & international partners

The European Union and its international partners gathered in Brussels on Monday seeking to raise money for Turkey and Syria in the aftermath of the earthquake. [...]

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Sánchez usa la moción de censura para dibujar ante la izquierda cómo sería un Gobierno PP-Vox

El cruce parlamentario se convierte rápidamente en un ensayo del debate para las elecciones generales. Yolanda Díaz reivindica la coalición y alaba al presidente y a varios ministros del PSOE [...]

Yolanda Díaz esboza en la réplica a Tamames su proyecto de país, a pocos días de presentar la candidatura de Sumar

La vicepresidenta segunda elogia el trabajo tanto del PSOE como de Unidas Podemos y vaticina: “Queda Gobierno de coalición para mucho tiempo” [...]

Tamames en la Costa Fleming

“Ser presidente es una de esas cosas que merece la pena hacer aunque se haga mal”, tuvo que decirse Ramón Tamames cuando escuchó la oferta de Vox [...]

Abascal califica de “degenerados” a los activistas del colectivo LGTBI y da por probado que el virus de la covid salió de un laboratorio

El líder de Vox desgrana diversas invectivas en su discurso de la moción de censura y pide el apoyo a Feijóo: “Votemos juntos hoy para entendernos mañana” [...]