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Several rescued after partial building collapse near Yale medical school

Several people in Connecticut were rescued from a building that partially collapsed Friday a few blocks from Yale University.  The building in New Haven was under construction at the time… [...]

Man who shot Tennessee officer dies in hospital after confrontation, officer recovering

A man who was shot after wounding an officer in Tennessee has died at a hospital, authorities said. The officer, Metro Nashville Police Detective Donovan Coble, 33, was expected to… [...]

Video shows Florida car thief abandoning 2-year-old child

A video captured the moment a suspect in Florida abandoned a 2-year-old child on the side of the road after stealing the vehicle he was traveling in, police say.  The… [...]

Miami cop, pregnant woman assaulted man they were both dating: police

A Florida police officer and her pregnant romantic rival were charged with battery for beating up a man they were both dating, records show. Miami-Dade Police Officer Anna Elicia Perez,… [...]

Arizona imposes restrictions on new housing development amidst water supply concern

Arizona will not approve new housing construction on the fast-growing edges of metro Phoenix that rely on groundwater thanks to years of overuse and a multi-decade drought that is sapping… [...]

Tennessee police officer wounded, suspect shot in exchange of gunfire

A man suspected of wounding a police officer in Tennessee on Thursday afternoon was shot a short time later by other officers during an exchange of gunfire, police said. The… [...]

Pennsylvania man accused of child murders wore GPS monitor from prior shootings during crime, prosecutor says

A Pennsylvania man out on bail for two prior shootings is now facing three murder charges in the slayings of two young boys and a teenager, according to prosecutors. Alex… [...]

Appeals Court invalidates death sentence based on false testimony, paving way for potential retrial

A federal appeals court in a rare move overturned the death sentence of a man who was convicted of robbing and killing two people in Fresno in 1988, saying prosecutors… [...]

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US Embassy to Holy See flies Pride flag in Rome

The United States' diplomatic mission to the Holy See celebrated the beginning of Pride Month by hanging the pride flag on the facade of its headquarters in Rome. The U.S.… [...]

A look at Spain's clam-digging 'farmers of the sea'

They fan out in groups, mostly women, plodding in rain boots across the soggy wet sands of the inlet, making the most of the low tide. Hustling along with rakes… [...]

UN Security Council renews EU's authority to inspect vessels for arms violations in Libya

The U.N. Security Council adopted a resolution Friday renewing the European Union's permission to inspect vessels off Libya's coast suspected of violating the an arms embargo on the troubled North… [...]

At least 9 killed in eastern Congo's latest extremist rebel attack

Extremist rebels in eastern Congo killed at least nine people with knives and guns, a civil society organization said Friday. The attack happened Thursday evening on the Kyondo-Kyavinyonge road in… [...]

Rain brings hope in battling wildfire in Nova Scotia as evacuations continue

Rain on Friday and a rainy forecast for the weekend have fire officials hopeful they can get the largest wildfire ever recorded in Canada’s Atlantic Coast province of Nova Scotia… [...]

El Salvador President Bukele proposes drastic reduction in municipalities to ease tax burden

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele said Thursday he wants to cut the number of municipalities in the country from 262 to 44 to reduce the tax burden. The proposal would… [...]

Israeli shooting leaves 3-year-old Palestinian boy critically injured in West Bank

A 3-year-old Palestinian boy was in critical condition at an Israeli hospital Friday morning after being shot by Israeli fire in the occupied West Bank. The army opened an investigation… [...]

Denmark launches probe into dissolving Bandidos motorcycle club amidst rising violence

Denmark’s government said Friday that it will investigate whether the Danish arm of the Bandidos motorcycle club can be dissolved, saying "the criminal groups’ brutal violence and socially subversive activities… [...]

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State of the Union: Western Balkans thrown EU membership lifeline, as tensions flare in Kosovo

Tensions flared between Kosovo and Serbia and there was a drone attack in Moscow. Here's a look at some of the big stories in Europe this week. #StateOfTheUnion [...]

Polish President Andrzej Duda offers changes to law on 'Russian influence' amid growing criticism

The European Commission suspects the new Polish law could deprive individuals from their right to run for public office. [...]

Pedro Sánchez postpones key speech at the European Parliament due to snap election

The Spanish PM's speech was initially scheduled to take place on 13 July and will now be moved to September. [...]

'Russia will capitalise on any doubt shown in Ukraine conflict' - Zelenskyy

The Ukrainian president attempted to rally continued support for his country in its war with the Kremlin. [...]

European farmers challenge current nature restoration proposal

The European Commission proposed a new nature restoration law last year. [...]

European Parliament lifts the immunity of Alexis Georgoulis, Greek MEP accused of rape and assault

The European Parliament also waived the immunity of Maria Spyraki, who is suspected of having committed fraud. [...]

Hungary might not 'credibly fulfil' tasks of EU Council presidency, MEPs say in critical resolution

Hungary is scheduled to take over the rotating presidency of the EU Council in the second half of 2024. [...]

'Important moment for Moldova' as European leaders gather for political summit

European leaders are gathering in Moldova on Thursday for a political summit spotlighting a country heavily impacted by Russia’s war in Ukraine. [...]

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Union Sabotage at the Supreme Court

Does federal law protect intentionally destructive labor strikes? Nope. [...]

Chris Christie and the Republican Party's Peril

In some ways he’s a match for Trump, whose third nomination would mark the end of the GOP. [...]

IAEA for AI? That Model Has Already Failed

Since the International Atomic Energy’s founding in 1957, the number of nuclear states has tripled. [...]

Voting Down Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness

Majorities in both houses of Congress reject his write-off. [...]

McCarthy Earns the Speakership

The debt-ceiling vote was the product of a deliberate, well-considered strategy. [...]

The New York Chokehold That AOC Ignored

Daniel Penny’s attackers couldn’t be bothered to notice Corde Scott’s death because it didn’t fit their racial narrative. [...]

The Global Economic Growth Deficit

China slumps and Germany is in recession, while the U.S. holds on. [...]

California Catholics Under Attack

Vandals get off with a misdemeanor charge for defacing a statue as police looked on. [...]

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